Maldon Inc Constitution and Forms

Maldon Inc was incorporated in Victoria on 7th August 1998, number A0036944C.                                  ABN 29 150 352 981

Membership of Maldon Inc is open to any registered business or association within the Maldon area, the annual fee is $110 and you can download a Membership Application here. Please complete the form and return it to Maldon Inc at the address given on the form. Remember to include photographs of your business that you want to be shown on the Maldon web site and a brief (250 word max.) description of your business and its attractions.
To nominate for office bearer and committee member positions please complete this form and return to the Secretary seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

The Constitution is based on the Model rules and can be accessed here.

The Statement of Purposes is available here.

The Maldon Inc. Privacy Policy is available here.