SteamPacket & SteamRoller

SteamPacket is a not-for-profit organisation promoting Arts Tourism to Maldon. SteamPacket has pioneered two venues – the award-winning SteamPacket at the historic Maldon Railway Station, featuring a steam engine in the concert, and SteamRoller at the Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum, named for the two steam engines behind the stage.
An update on planned events and new dates are below. If the event cannot be held on the alternate date it will be cancelled.

Scheduled date Event New date
March 21 Steam Punk Victoriana Ball November 28
April 18 Messin’ with the Blues Cancelled
June 27 SURFS UP Maldon In Winter June 26 2021
August 29 Australia Blues Day August 29 2021
December 5 IMAGINE John Lennon Tribute October 9 2020
December 31 New Years Party December 31 2021
March 19-21 2021 Steam Punk Festival March 2022
TBA BreakOut Free concert on the first Saturday post lockdown

Contact to be informed of updates on events.
SteamPacket has a professional sound system that is available for use of local organisations .

SteamPacket acknowledges the support of Mount Alexander Shire Council for supply of computer equipment, contributions to our sound and lighting system, cash grants to events and 2018 Australia Day Award.